We have realised the design Web for TaxiTolosa.es that, as can be intuited, been a company that is dedicated to the service of taxi in Tolosa. The design has been completed in a single page because we understand that it is clearer, direct and intuitive. To realise a design loaded Web of sections or different categories would confuse and distract to the reader losing effectiveness to reach the contact with the client.

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To review and Frequent Questions

Most important in Taxi it is that one by all means communicates of a clear way the characteristics of the services emphasizing the benefits that suppose for the client. And also it is important to be able to indicate other uses not so habitual that they can be important and that, for whatever reason, the potential clients do not know. The sections of commentaries of the Frequent clients and Preguntas connect with the reader for the later professional contact.

portfolio project design Web taxitolosa.es seik gipuzkoa 2

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