Factory of plate and painting to which we have developed the webpage to him and we have created the profiles in social networks. The objective is to present the factory to increase to the portfolio of clients insisting on the relation quality/price of the works and the added services.

In order to promote some special services and prices several campaigns of publicity of payment on Facebook Ads and Google AdWords have been designed.

seik design Web  projects bodyworks to raffer

Creation of contents

The design of the Web includes basic categories as the own HOME, SERVICES and CONTACT. In the home page they also appear testimonies of real clients, the last works published in the blog as well as feed of the profile of Instagram to generate confidence and good image towards the reader.

seik design Web  projects bodyworks to raffer
seik design Web  projects bodyworks to raffer 3a

Articles for the Blog

In the Blog of Raffer Bodies different works carried out are published from all the brands of vehicles with the aim of harnessing the positioning in Google, to generate confidence and to create a bond with the reader.

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