One of the works more special than we have done until the moment has been the Web of Astikat, the association of rescue of cats of Astigarraga.

Perhaps in this case the positioning lost some point of priority for the quality of images, we have considered that the content had to prevail due to the objective of this organization. The more heavy it is the Web the more it takes in loading, this penalizes it Google in the positioning.

Nevertheless, it is a Web centered in the activity of Astikat and the possibility that the reader helps to the association with his time, its donations or simply spreading the content.


Images and videos

Since the objective of the Web of Astikat is to transmit the values and the actions of the own organization we used images and videos of the greater quality possible to draw attention of the reader and to wake up the emotions and the love to him by the cats that live in the streets of Astigarraga.

Call to the action

In addition to the informative objective of the Web the citizen collaboration looks for, for that reason we found bellboys who direct us to the form of contact throughout all the Web.


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