It is truth that some are very similar or they are even overlapped, but each of these 100 reasons is only and important of in case. To really have a webpage for your business or your organization, of the type who is, is essential, because if you do not have it you do not exist. This takes saying years, and perhaps at the outset we exaggerated, but nowadays already you see it, until our grandparents ask to us that we look for information on the internet to buy some product€¦

It is why it told me same and if I write 100 reasons by which it is important to have a Web? They are going to be many reasons€¦ To that it does not have€¦?

Then€¦ #100 Reasons to have a Web proper:

100 Reasons to have WEB proper: of #1 to #25.


1. That when looks for to you, they find you.

2. That when looks for businesses or organizations as yours, they find you.

3. That when looks for solutions, they find you.

4. To improve the image name brand.

5. That when is not decided between two brands choose to you to have a friendlier Web.

6. That when wants to spy to you they can see what beams.

7. Gratuitous communication channel, deals to your clients interesting things that do not know.

8. When a client is in some emergency that can contact quickly with you.

9. If somebody wants to know if to beams something in particular, that knows it visiting your Web.

10. If somebody wants to communicate with you that it does it easily.

11. To have a showcase online.

12. To be able to explain your clients how you work so that they see the good thing that you are.

13. To explain diverse uses of your products that people perhaps do not know.

14. To have your data of contact available.

15. To exist, more and more, the one that does not have Web does not exist for much people.

16. It is a fast route to make budgets by email through form of contact.

17. To present the magnitude your equipment speaking of each of them.

18. Avoiding uncomfortable moments when they ask to you which is your Web (we are in the 21st century€¦).

19. You have portfolio with your better works.

20. You can update your portfolio so that they see the new tendencies.

21. Through blog you can do a hollow to you in the sector as a reference.

22. A Web in several languages opens market to you.

23. To have a store online.

24. To sell just like in the physical store but to everybody.

25. To spread the reviews of your more important clients offers confidence to the new client.

#100 Reasons to have WEB proper 2

100 Reasons to have WEB proper: of #26 to #50.

26. It offers promotions to your existing clients to award loyalty.

27. To include the history of your brand, that is known from where it comes.

to 28.Poder to create exclusive supplies in the Web.

29. To derive the tasks from attention to the client through the Web.

30. To derive the tasks from collection by the orders through the Web.

31. To eliminate waiting lines realising the orders through the Web.

32. Place where to agglutinate the opinions of clients to generate confidence.

33. To leave clients them they are registered so that they make orders comfortably.

34. Space where to solve the most habitual consultations of the clients.

35. To offer stock in real time for the clients who wait for a concrete product.

36. To direct you to the clients of a concrete geographic zone.

37. It increases the credibility to your business.

38. The best way to open your business 24/7.

39. Publicity €œfree€ 24 hours to the day.

40. It improves the positioning in Google.

41. You are but near your existing and potential clients.

42. To be able to take care of small or distant niches of market.

43. Information updated in real time.

44. It helps to make you clear why you are different (better) from the others.

45. The client can visit to you (to your Web) whenever she wants.

46. The geolocalizaci³n of your clients/usuary readers/is not a limit.

47. To know better your clients through its behavior in your Web.

48. You favor feedback with the commentaries, opinions and reviews of clients.

49. You can take care of better the opinions and public suggestions of the clients.

50. To be the first impression when somebody listening to speak of you and decides search to you in Google.


#100 Reasons to have WEB proper 4

100 Reasons to have WEB proper: of #51 to #75.

51. To stop losing potential clients not to have a Web.

52. Rapidity of information, can recommend more quickly spreading your Web to you.

53. It knows how she is your personal client through the statistical information.

54. To add to manuals of use of your products or services.

55. Possibility of arranging appointments for the clients directly.

56. It knows new suppliers that allow you to improve the yield of your products or services.

57. You will be able to derive clients from your business offline (physical) to your department online (Web).

58. To be able to take care of better your customer being delegated tasks to the webpage.

59. To offer service of technical attendance 24/7.

60. Direct bonding with the clients by videollamada chat or.

61. A community between your clients creates.

62. It contributes a forum where your clients can make consultations publicly.

63. It helps you to organize gratuitous factories with your clients.


64. It shares your knowledge of the sector.

65. In order to share your lifestyle and to humanize your brand.

66. Help to harness complementary sectors or products to yours.

67. Beam demonstrations of your products that reinforce marketing.

68. Power your sales with a always opened establishment.

69. Use it of platform for announces other products of the group.

70. It prepares to the market for your next launching.

71. Contributor beam to your clients of the new launchings leaving them to make decisions.

72. It publishes notes of press with excellent information.

73. It publishes the bases of any drawing or contest.

74. It controls each action of the process of sale with the client.

75. It helps you not to sleep you in the laurels.

#100 Reasons to have WEB proper 3

100 Reasons to have WEB proper: of #76 to #100.

76. The best way to verbalizar your brand.

77. It presents and it receives by you so that you spend 100% to the product.

78. You can easily self-manage although noncontrols on computer science.

79. It easily adds content from your smartphone.

80. Conversation requests of budget in real time.

81. It resolves the doubts of your clients in real time.

82. It offers value content to you to spread in social networks.

83. It allows to spread content you of the social networks. 

84. It is the showcase for your followers in social networks.

85. Through design deals to your clients who your business is dynamic and innovating.

86. It creates a new channel of sale with better prices.

87. The message of your communication can be reduced to your URL:

88. Save contact data to you and location, I only gave which is your Web.

89. Like a store/elegant office generates prestige, a present Web also.

90. Company easily transmits the €œpersonality€ of your brand/.

91. It is the reason by which the clients with doubts will choose to you.

92. The best option to foment a personal brand.

93. It puts you to the same height that the multinationals.

94. It arrives at more distant clients although you do not have a store online.

95. It takes advantage of synergies to know more people.

96. It renews your image easily name brand updating your own Web.

97. It more easily communicates to the market your objectives of communication.

98. It emphasizes easily between your competitors.

99. It easily measures the results of your campaigns online.

100. It is the clear mirror of the soul of your company, association or organization.

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