Perhaps you have not realized, but our behavior has changed much in the last years. With behavior I talk about to the clients, that is to say, the way that we must to buy nowadays. The new technologies and Internet have changed the form in which we made decisions from purchase. It is by that the businesses and the brands must adapt and offer their products and services of another way. They in fact only change the communication channels, marketing is the same that the one of 2,000 years ago.

1. How behave the present does client?

All you and I am clients, for that reason he is quite simple to know how we behaved nowadays. What usually happens is that we often did not consider how is the behavior of the clients because it changes constantly.

The clients and the brands we behaved just as always, the only thing that it changes is the form to inform to us and to communicate to us

30 years ago we phelp attention to the publicity that pitched the specialized tent and later we asked somebody of confidence on the product to which him we had thrown the eye. The €œear mouth€ continues being very important, the only thing that now no longer we asked to him the neighbor of 5º for that new washing machine that has been bought, now we looked for it in Google. The process of purchase decision continues being very similar to the one of three decades ago, which changes are the communication channel and sources of intelligence.

Communication channel and sources of intelligence.

Although the process of purchase decision has not varied too much in the last years, the tools that we used at the time of deciding a purchase have advanced enormously. Before only we could resort to massive mass media (TV, Press€¦) and to the employees if we wanted direct information on a concrete product. This last one we resisted it with our well-known ones and on the basis of it we chose by a brand or another one.

Nowadays we have infinity of sources of intelligence through Internet. You can see comparative between different brands from a same product, opinions of which already have proven those brands, reviews and unboxings in Youtube, we have it everything. If this yet still we have left some doubt only we must send to the air our question in social networks or specialized forums and we will receive the answers shortly. Although the process of purchase decision has not varied in excess we must adapt to the time of the sobreinformation. The client has an almost infinite information, that she chooses to us depends on how she filters all the information, here enters game the Inbound Marketing.

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2. Inbound Marketing.

By definition we could say that the Inbound Marketing is those commercial strategies that they try to attract the buyer of a subtle and indirect way. They are technical of marketing little aggressive and anything intrusivas. By means of the work of the image name brand and the creation of value content we will obtain that the client €œfalls in love€ with our brand and decides €œby itself€ to buy our product or service. The other slope, by opposition, is the Outbound Marketing, that works through camapa±as aggressive of publicity that it tries €œto force€ the client to buy his product. Historically always there have been two €œschools€ of marketing, more aggressive and emotional, and less intrusive and more rational other. The two slopes are valid with their advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, in the digital era, the aggressive strategies do not have much mystery and they are based on the dedication of enormous economic amounts for publicity campaigns.

To work marketing from within, thinking about the client, is the high-priority trick of the Inbound Marketing. This does that the strategies that take to end usually are much more profitable in means and length term. The simpplificado example more than explains this of a very clear way is the one of the positioning of payment and the organic one.

Aggressive campaigns VERSUS. marketing centered in the client.

You can send a daily Web and to destine 1.000‚¬ during a month to campaigns of publicity in Google and Facebook, your hearing will be important in the short term. Of another way, also you can develop a Web with the organic positioning very worked (SEO) and will manage to leave in the first results the searches your product in means and length term.

The Inbound Marketing works it everybody, great and small. The aggressive campaigns of publicity we nothing else left them to the great brands.

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3. Process of purchase of the present client.

Everything is immediate. Nowadays the information flows right away and we are customary to make the decisions at the moment. The influence of smartphones and tablets is total, this allows to buy clothes or to reserve a restaurant us while we took a walk by the street of way to the work. In order to adapt us to this we must offer concise and clear information on our product and a process of very fast payment. The client wants to have the information most important in a few clicks and power to buy the product or to reserve the service to the moment.

Confidence and loyalty.

In case you had not intu­do it until now, the present client is very demanding. Not only he wants the best product than he covers his needs at the moment and to the best price, but also that he wants a good experience. He wants that you take care of to him well, and fast. It is logical, is what to all we would like truth? An unsatisfied client€¦ What does? He will shout it to four winds. And an unsatisfied client supposes that a few potential clients will go away to the competition. For that reason you must work the experience to buy and to enjoy your product thinking about the client. Offer a good service to him of attention to the client. It works the promotions and gives details to him in the first orders, you must gain his confidence to you. The yield that you are going to obtain from a satisfied client is that it continues to you buying and, in addition, that speaks well of you.

The relation between a brand and its client is as the friendship. One is a plant that we must water continuously if we do not want that one dies.

4. Conclusions.

We are forced search the perfection in everything, the exigency of the clients increases. In fact this is an end and the ends never are good. The reality is that we never must neglect the experience client. We must put us in its skin and adapt our products and services and our form to work to the client. Perhaps it is enough to us with offering a unique service that nobody offers more, or selling a product to an unbeatable price€¦ No? It is certain, this can work, but in the short term. There will always be somebody manages to offer a product cheaper than yours or a service similar or better to yours. For that reason it is important to work thinking about the client, in which demand. And once you have worked with him, you must know his opinion, that you can do by him, to improve his experience.

The multitude hopes in an Apple Store to take control of the last model of iPhone.


It could name infinity of examples it exceeds how we can work centering us in the client, but does not want to bore to you. It thinks that if you are an academy or a school, you will make more comfortable the learning if you offer gratuitous special classes, coffee or chocolate free in the classrooms for the students€¦ The concessionaires of cars have some waiting rooms that many dental clinics already wanted, you had phelp attention? The stores of clothes and the shopping malls or are thinking about the companions or children, now are habitual the sofas and the had the charge of centers of game so that the delay is much more pleasant. Here in Donostia, for example, we have a public Car park that he free offers rent of bicycles for his clients! It is the Txofre Car park, and he is that in addition, they have other gratuitous services as the loan of umbrella and the service of uprooted inflation and of vehicles.

If we go away to the great brands you can think about the textile chain number 1 anywhere in the world. How many campaigns of publicity in massive means you have seen of brands as Zara, Bershka, Pull & Bear or Oysho? The Inditex Group does not make publicity through conventional means.

The only conventional publicity that realises the brands of the Inditex Group is the bags in which you wear the clothes that purchases, nothing else.

And nevertheless, it is the brand number 1 in textile worldwide. They work the experience of the client, all the process of purchase since you happen near one of its stores until salts with stock-market in the hand are thought to the millimeter. They receive new sort every week and they do not know what is going away to replace, want that you buy it when you see it because perhaps you remain without that product if you you think it too much. They mark tendency and their prices are very competitive. The treatment of the personnel is very good, let you know that they are near you to help you but they do not oppress to you.

In order to finish I only want to send a question to the air€¦ IPhone is smartphone more expensive of the market and it is not, nor by far, the one that better engineering specifications offers. Why it is, then, the sold model more of the world of the last years?


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