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The social networks have changed the way to relate to us. Everything begins with Facebook in 2007. It is the more popular social network with more than 2,000 million users. Internet (the social networks) ensure communications to us to world-wide, good and the all bad thing yet level that this supposes. We can be in touch more easily, although for the negative also it is easier €œto bother€ to the others. The social networks are a very powerful tool whose utility is in the intention of that uses them.

Generalist or thematic social networks.


Although the majority of us we only know a few social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, Linked In€¦ The reality is that every year hundreds of new social networks are created. The majority falls soon after in the forgetfulness, but some manage to become hollow.

Generalist€ and €œthematic €œsocial networks €œexist. Many begin being of a way and evolve acquiring new thematic targets or. Popular the APPs to even bind usually finish being a social network where you maintain the contact with people that you have known although you stop to continue looking for the love.

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Pre-Facebook stage.


In case you did not know it, before Facebook already the social networks existed. In 2005 the more popular social network in the world was MySpace. One was a musical social network, where the users communicated around music. It got to exceed to Google in number of visits, sure, he was 2006 and Google finished being born. It did not spend long time until another social network took control of the throne: Fotolog. Created in 2002, Fotolog was a platform for the creation of blogs inspired by the photography.

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With Facebook everything began.


Although it was created in 2005, was as of 2008 when the social network of Mark Zuckerberg began to dominate the world. It is the more popular social network with more than 2,000 million users, almost a third of the world-wide population! Facebook was born as an application that would ensure communications between the students of the University of Harvard. Until now.

In 2006 it appeared Twitter and in 2010 Instagram. Although these three are very different social networks as far as the form to communicate that they have his users, are the three more popular €œgeneralist€ social networks.



The social network of the small bird was founded on 2006. It began being a platform of microblogging that only allowed to publish messages of up to 140 characters. It was tried to imitate to SMS, being trimmed 20 characters (SMS were limited 160 you acord¡bais) for publicity insertions. This limitation brought about a frenetic rate and the access to information of all type in real time.

The anecdote more peculiar than memory was the broadcasting in real time of the capture of Osama Bin Laden. A €œPakistani tuitero€ was publishing everything what saw and o­a to few meters of its house. The American army was capturing the looked for terrorist more and everybody found out in real time. Twitter is the social network with greater rate, although it has evolved. The limitation by message has been duplicated to 280 characters. We can include up to four photographies without the count of characters is affected. The immediacy and sencilles that Twitter grants have allowed that is the social network more used between the brands to communicate with their users. And by brands we must understand any type of product or service, including sportsmen, artists and €œcelebrities€ generally.

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Several companies related to the photographic sector created Instagram in 2010. This social network is characterized because only photographies with a photo text can be published on foot. Although it began being a social network for lovers of the photography, its ascent in popularity of the last years has turned it into the social network with greater growth. The photographies become viral faster, like the videos.

This one last modality was added does few years turning to Instagram into the favorite platform for the advertisers. Only two years after its creation, Instagram was acquired by Facebook. If to this we added to him the acquisition of Whatsapp on the part of Facebook in 2014 we see how the insidcutible leader is the social network of Mark Zuckerberg. 

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Thematic social networks.


Leaving the more popular social networks, we can make a list with other platforms more specific than they are much successful between his objective public. Perhaps most well-known it is Linked In, that allows the connection between professionals of any branch and companies or businessmen. In the professional scope Linked In it can get to be a tool essential to maintain and to create new trade relations with companies of all type and worldwide. Flickr is a centered social network in the photography, although in fact also it is a bank of images and videos where to buy and to sell the elements that you want, her proprietor is Yahoo. Pinterest is another social network of which to many it sounds its name to us but we have never used it. This social network help to spread and to keep inforgraf­as and images centered in contributing value content. And in fact we could extend to the article everything what we wanted because thematic networks to go of purchases, to make sport, to go to the cinema, to see series of television€¦

Nowadays we have all type of social networks to be able to connect to us with people who have our same restlessness. Which are those that you use on a daily basis? It leaves your commentaries here down.

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