Many businessmen, first who think when they consider to design a Web for his business are €œGoes, another cost more€¦€. It is normal, nothing or nobody can guarantee to you that you will obtain an increase of the sales. This he is one of the first errors, the website of your business is as a stay of your business.

The commercial establishments have zone of reception, sales, room of meetings€¦ All the spaces are labeled or decorated according to the corporative image of the brand. This image that projects is accompanied by commercial calling cards, pamphlets, and all the elements of corporative stationery store. The webpage is an element, of more the same important that all the mentioned one. Even, it is an element that works by you the 24 hours of the day to give to meet and to obtain new clients you. For that reason, we explained in this articles the 5 Things to you that a webpage by your business does.

1. It puts you in the map.


As in sense as much literally appeared. When somebody looks for businesses as yours in Google your webpage will appear immediately, mainly if the search is realised near your location. We must consider that more than half of the people who sail in Internet does from smartphone or tablet. Many do it while they take a walk by the street, see your showcase and they put in Google to see what finds. To appear in Google Maps is essential. In appeared sense it is important to be in the network. The potential clients look for information and opinions on the establishments and businesses. Even the suppliers, many of them consult in the network to know who you are. It is by that the presence online with an attractive webpage is very important.


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2. Everybody says to why you are the best one.


Once they find you in Google comes most important: how to tell him to your visitors who you are and to what you dedicate yourself. Really, you must say to everybody why your business and you are the best ones. To be transparent and professional with the information that you offer supposes many points facing the confidence that it give to your potential clients. And so that he is effective you must meet your client and knowledge to connect with him.

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3. It facilitates the contact with the clients.


They have already seen you in the network and they have been decided to enter your webpage to know you better. Probably we will have entered the section €œEnvelope€¦€. You must give facilities so that they put themselves in touch with you. On the one hand, you will put the contact data (Telephone, Direction, E-mail€¦) in visible places. On the other hand, you will offer a contact form to fill up in just a short time. Once you have drawn its attention, we must give all the facilities him so that he asks to you what wants.


4. It is your favorite communication channel.


Until now €œwe have brought about€ a potential trade relation, well. The webpage is a great communication channel. It uninterruptedly works the 24 hours of the day for you. In order to create new clients or fidelizar to whom already you have, through the Web you can offer information on new products, new uses, advantages, promotions, drawings€¦ And all this through one of the more profitable communication channels. You do not have to forget that you are going directly to your objective client.

5. It reinforces your image name brand.


Perhaps this is the forgotten function more. The reinforcement of the image name brand is more important than we create. Some ago years the only way to extend our portfolio of clients was putting to us in touch with them and to spurt to them of all type of pamphlets and informative pamphlets. The webpage facilitates this work to us. We only must give our calling card with the connection visible to the good Web. The website realises the last passage in the process of pick up of clients. It informs into all the range of products and services. All facility is little when it is to relate to us to the present and potential clients.

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