First of everything it is that I want to be thankful to all to each of you who you are reading these forward edge of the Blog of Coccinelleshow. We already are here€¦ Coccinelleshow begins already, is born the 1 from January of 2018. At the top of the equipment of Coccinelleshow is Iker, a servant. I began writing in a technological blog (iPhone World), so it could say that of €œJorge! With you everything began€. He was my head, to him I must much to him be thankful and next to him I published more than 1000 articles on iPhone and Apple generally.


As you see, iPhone World is a Web based on the platform Blogger de Google. It is most practical and simple, nevertheless, the leader in platforms of management of contents is WordPress. It is a much more complete platform with infinity of possibilities. To continue writing in some sport blogs based on WordPress supposed a breakthrough to me. To know WordPress and the suitable tools more causes that the limitation in the design Web is only your imagination. The base of my formation is the administration and direction of companies, this allows to give a practical and commercial approach me to my works. What era needed to dominate the technology that allowed me to make webpages and workings of social average of a professional way. For that reason in 2018 has been born.

Philosophy of Work.

We trust our product. We offer a service of quality and a treatment to the very near client. Before nothing all we have been clients and we know as we want that they try to us. Also I have to say that we have worked hard the last months to design a form of very efficient work. For that reason we make very complete projects where we did not leave anything at random, we become people in charge of everything: structure, design, positioning SEO/SEM, texts and images. Our projects are exclusive and they are designed from zero. We understand that our way to differentiate to us is to make a product as it is not based on installing a gratuitous group that fills up in just a short time. This philosophy allows us to offer a great relation quality/price.

seik we want to work together design Web


This article only is first of many, little by little we will be publishing more posts in this blog so that you know us better. This will be a magazine of entertainment and learning. Just like we will comment the anecdotes of our day to day also we will speak of the future projects or of the tools more interesting than we proved for the design Web or the social average.

Finally, to only remember that Coccinelleshow is a design agency Web but its scope to you of action is infinite. We have the office in the but we do not have any disadvantage in moving to us.


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