We worked Together?

Service of Design Web for companies, independent and all type of organizations with clear commercial and centered approach in the message that the proprietor wants to transmit.



It leaves sees everybody you, your clients will look for to you in Google before putting itself in touch with you€¦ Give good image them!


Your communication channel

You control it to the 100% and you will always be able to decide what you want to transmit at every moment. Your webpage will be updated permanently.



An image and agreed corporative identity to your brand generate a bond with the potential clients.

The webpage of your establishment is a calling card, that in addition is the first impact for many of your clients. Before knowing you, or to visit your business, the potential client looks for information on you in Google. For that reason every time it is more important to have a Web with professional aspect.

Coccinelleshow can be in charge of everything so that the design process is most comfortable for you and it supposes the smaller possible time to you. In addition, as we know that it is a significant investment for you, Coccinelleshow offers the best relation quality to you/price.

Coccinelleshow design Web  design Web

It feels pride by your Web

Your Web is the first reference for which they find you in Google. It is important to generate good a first impression so that they contact with you.

Coccinelleshow design Web  design Web

Attractive design

We must draw attention of positive way which it visits to us.
Coccinelleshow design Web  design Web


We worked it from the home, the sooner you appear in the searches better.
Coccinelleshow design Web  design Web


If you leave we will be in charge us of everything for some contained original and of quality.
Coccinelleshow design Web  design Web

Exclusive design

The general structure and the contents are created exclusively from zero for your project.
Coccinelleshow design Web  design Web

Competitive price

Knowing our work and our results you will see that the price is not a problem.
Coccinelleshow design Web  design Web


We update the Web and we generated contents to improve the positioning.


Why I must have a webpage?

It is essential. it helps you to sell more, not only because it is a showcase to the world but because it puts you in the map and it reinforces your image name brand. When people hear speak of your business looks for to you in Google to confirm what they have listened. They do the same if they have some doubt on your products or services. They need to know who you are and how it is your brand before going.

Perfect communication channel. He is most profitable and you arrive directly at your objective public. You decide what you want to communicate: basic information, promotions, discounts, new features, last launchings, etc.

If they do not see you, you do not exist. In the heat of 21st century must find to you in Internet. That they do not find you through Google does not mean that you do not exist as so, but many will go away to the competition because it generates more confidence to them to have a good webpage.

Why I have to pay if a well-known does free?

Nowadays anyone can make a webpage. Like anyone can replace the house washbasin, but€¦ If we want a minimum of guarantee we resorted to a professional. 

Our works are oriented to a commercial objective. We want that DES a good image, that you attract people your business, fidelizar to your clients€¦ 

What is included in the design of the webpage?

Without surprises. We do not like to notify bad, for that reason the inclu­mos everything in the budget.


1. Exclusive design of the Web. Without predesigned groups, we designed the Web for you directly.

2. Texts and images. We were in charge to write up texts and to realise the photographies.

3. Hosting and Domain. We managed the discharge and its price goes including in the budget.

4. Social networks. If not yet you have the created profiles we do it by you.

5. Google Maps and Google My Business. We registered you in the maps of Google and their card of business.

6. Google Search Console and Google Analytics. You will be registered in the service of statistics so that you take the control of visits easily.

Also we adapted to your corporative identity, if you already have it designed will be much more easy.

How it affects the design process to you?

Coccinelleshow happens to comprise of your work, is your partner. Of the most comfortable way for you you will not count how your establishment works, which is the personality that you want to transmit, how it is your brand. You will be informed at any moment and you will be able to make the changes that you wish during the design process.

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