It connects with your clients

A ssd vps hosting management of the social networks correct maintains to you in touch with your clients, is basic to offer a good attention to the client. In addition he is one of the best advertising channels.



At the moment it is the best channel of attention to the client. You can offer all class of information and solve the doubts quickly.


Commercial information

As your hearing in the RR.SS is your objective public you go directly to the potential clients who are interested in your brand.


Image name brand

As with the Web, to have some up-to-date social profiles regularly generates a good image name brand.

Your service of

Attention to the Client.

To be present in the social networks is as having a counter of attention to the open client the 24 hours.

More work? No.

Coccinelleshow is in charge to realise this work by you. We solve doubts or we delegated the consultations to the indicated person of your work party for a fluid communication. This service is directed to those who does not have of the time nor the sufficient budget and that they do not want to lose the opportunity to continue increasing the portfolio of clients.

Better communication, more sales.

The presence in the social networks, of an active and professional unlimited web hosting with cpanel way, guarantees a positive image to you name brand and it approaches you your clients.

Why a professional?

Anyone can manage the profiles in social networks of a business.  Nevertheless, in Coccinelleshow we published original content of value for the reader and realised an attention to the focused public to connect with the hearing.

Social networks: Why they serve?


With 2,000 million active users he is most popular. 


The most visual and the one of greater growth, publishes images and videos.


They call it the Facebook of the work, generates professional contacts.


Exhibition and sale of images and videos realised by professionals. 


Google is proprietor of the platform leader in reproduction of videos. 


In spite of belonging to the €œking€ this network it lacks success against the rest.


It requires much rate, very used for the attention the public.


The brands create groups of chats to offer information in real time.


Images and Computer graphics classified by matters or thematic several.


This platform of Twitter is used for emission of video in direct.


More popular in the United States. Publication of posts and connections to blogs.


Popular platform of the news in Anglo-Saxon countries. 

IT CONTACTS WITH Coccinelleshow

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Purpose: To allow the user to contact with Coccinelleshow to realise consultations of any type.

Adressees: Your consent.

Rights: To accede, to rectify or to suppress your data.

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