is a company of services of taxi located in Tolosa. This project has designed in One-Page-Web, that is to say, design of unique page. The objective is the one to show to the services and data of contact of the most direct and simple way.

By the nature of the company, and by the spontaneous contact of the majority of clients, it is essential that the contact data are accessible in the most important zones of the Web. Also two forms of contact in strategic places are included so that the potential clients, companies and individuals, can easily realise their consultations and requests of budget.

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Additional information

The factors to consider at the time of contacting with a taxi company on watch turn around the quality of the service. It is by that the sections of the Web concentrate in describing to the type on watch who offers and the different possibilities that are offered. He has been interesting to include a section of reviews of clients and another one of frequent questions so that the reader has a clearer idea of everything what offers

project portfolio design Web  seik 2

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