Design of webpage for store of photography in the district of Lands on water in Donostia. It has one double category to which the same importance occurs them: Aerial photography lies down and.

It is important to exclusively dedicate a page for each of these categories so that they can be positioned independently in Google since are two differentiated that the same establishment serves.

Another important category is the Blog, in him we published articles that even speak of the aerial photography or of peculiar data on the photography at present. On the one hand we looked for to attract lovers of the photography and on the other we harnessed the organic positioning in Google to reduce the investment in payment publicity.

seik design Web  projects zerutik

Importance of the Image

In a photography store the images must prevail on the words, and that we projected through the Web. The protagonist is a panoramic aerial image of three of San Sebastian beaches taken from an angle very little habitual.

seik design Web  projects zerutik
seik design Web  projects zerutik

Very visual

Looking for the positioning of a local business since this we have created a page of very visual contact that is associated from the first impact with the city.

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